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Nov 10, 2012 5:00pm PST
main break in pal totality to this morning. the water flooded at least one home. monte francis is live for us with more on that. hello. >> good evening. temperatures reached the near freezing mark overnight. it was apparently the rapid change in temperature that caused that eight-inch water main to burst. things are back to normal. a matter of hours ago, it was a very different story. water ras rushing the streets and many homeowners spent the early morning hours watching crews fix the broken pipe. it burst on newell road between channing avenue and embarcadero road. we talked to a man who lives there this morning. >> water rose maybe half an inch in part of the house. we're going to resolve that issue and kind of -- kind of went on. right to you they're drying everything out. >> there's no word on how much damage was done to the home. crews dug up and took out the damaged pipe and replaced it with a new section of pipe and water service was restored to residents at 11:30 this morning. this could be an issue for other neighborhoods across the bay area. the sudden change in temperature
Nov 17, 2012 5:00pm PST
a water main break, cause aid mudslide earlier this week. nbc bay area's, monte francis with more. >> diane. good evening. daly city officiawfficials are to reassure people that it is safe. they have placed bales of hay, and netting to prevent mud from the road. walter crews spend the day following the water main break and mudslide. digging a ditch. to divert rain water. if all goes as planned. when the storm hits. the rain won't cause the hillside to give way anymore. we talked to one homeowner who've lived at the bottom of hilt that released mud last tuesday. he is happy with the way, the city responded. he still has doubts about the long term stability about the hillside. >> the rain. big rain comes. comes back. but right now it seems -- to me, that it is, still holding up. with a big hold. >> this is what it looks like here, tuesday. following the water main break. 98,000 gallons of water. spilled into the streets. now everything has been cleaned up, since then. and water officials say they have stablized the hillside. dan, you can understand why people are anything shuchlts t
Nov 17, 2012 11:00pm PST
on the rescue boat. >> monte francis, nbc bay area news. >>> and we have information on the officer-involved shooting. police warn others that there is a man on the loose, very dangerous, one of two men who were involved in a burglary. the suspect got out of his car, heading straight for the officer's car and started to shoot. >> for him to actually advance on the police officer's car, and walk towards the car as he fires, the rounds were in the front windshield. on the officer's seat, side window of the officer's patrol car. i mean, the officer was trapped in his car, basically just getting shot at. he didn't have an opportunity to shoot back. >> not only that, the pepper spray can went off, filling his car. the backup officers arrived during the gunfire, and one of the suspects fled the scene running into a nearby home. >> the suspect basically hopped into somebody's bark yard, hit their slider, the door was open, there were people home. they took a look at the guy, he was bleeding, he was running from somebody obviously. they flagged down the officers in the area immediately. >>
Nov 27, 2012 6:00am PST
loren has your forecast. but we start things off with monte francis, who is live in san anselmo where creeks and rivers are at risk of flooding big-time. monte, good morning. >> reporter: well, jon, good morning. that's right, here in san anselmo they are always ready for a big storm. that's because there's a creek that runs through the center of town and it has been known to flood so the city has made sandbags and sand available to residents free of charge in preparation for the storm which is expected to start tomorrow. last time there was a problem with flooding here was in 2008, but the real devastating flood was in december of 2005 when the san anselmo creek flooded the streets of downtown san anselmo and many local businesses were under water. the reason this next storm is a concern here is because here in the north bay they're expecting 4 inches of rain during a matter of several days and those are exactly the kinds of conditions that can be trouble for san anselmo. the town is doing what it can do to prepare. storm drains have been cleared and city crews are ready to keep thos
Nov 27, 2012 5:00am PST
now. we have team coverage this morning. monte francis is live in the north bay where some neighborhoods are already putting out sandbag, but we begin in the weather center with meteorologist christina loren. what are we looking at here? >> well, you know what, when we get a lot of rain, it's one thing, laura an jon. but when you get a lot of rain in combination with very strong winds, that's a very dangerous recipe here in the bay area. as you know, we have a lot of very tall redwood trees and we are expecting downed trees the next few days because there's 3 to 4 inches of rain on the way and gusts about 60 miles per hour from time to time. so it's going to get very active around here. as you can see around here fog is a factor this morning but i did want to talk about your winds. winds are not playing as much of a role as they were yesterday, so calm winds, when you have very still conditions that creates that very thick fog. now, this morning the winds are picking up a little bit as that system moves in and that's going to prevent the fog from getting as thick as it was
Nov 16, 2012 5:00pm PST
in fairfield on monday to face those charges. live in valeto, monte francis, nbc bay area news. >>> a san francisco sheriff's deputy on the wrong side of the law. 36-year-old deputy phillip tong is accused of robbing a bank of america the day after election day. he handed the teller a demand note and left with $1,700. police say they identified him through fingerprints and surveillance videos. he's behind bars facing several felony robbery charges. >>> tense moments at the oakland airport today. alleged bomb making materials were found during a security screening. a man from southern california was promptly arrested. cheryl hurd joins from us oakland international. a news conference just wrapped up. what do we know now? >> reporter: that's right. alameda county sheriffs are not releasing a picture of the watch but i did get a glimpse at it. it is silver in color. it had wires coming out of it. it had a toggle switch on it. the man arrested called it art but it did not look like art to me. here's a picture of the man arrested. his name is jeffrey mcgann. 49 years old from southern californ
Nov 17, 2012 6:00pm PST
. but another storm is headed our way. we have team coverage. and monte francis is in daly city. we begin with the weather. hello, job. and danville, .1 inch. and you can see right now. that's where the rain is flying. north of the golden gate. starting to get closer to san francisco. santa rosa into petaluma. looking at moderate rain. into the south bay. a stormy one for the west coast. let you know what it means for the plans. coming up in the few minutes. >> thank you, rob. not just another storm, people that live in a daly city neighborhood. hey, monte. >> coming by. and the stability of the hillside. they say they are ready to respond, if any more of the soil gives away. wa water crews are digging a ditch. bales of hay and mud on the ground. and any more than it already has. so much mud last tuesday. his son's car was totaled. he still has the doubts about the long term stability of the hillside. >> last fuse day. water main break. 98,000,000 gallons of water in the streets. part of the ground gave way. evacuated during the ordeal. just a matter of days ago. understandable why many r
Oct 31, 2012 6:00pm PDT
and other states are urged to follow suit. monte francis spoke to the attorney general on this issue and is live in san jose. how widespread is this problem? >> reporter: it's estimated there are hundreds of thousands of untested rape kits across the country waiting to be processed. but here in california, it's a different story. >> these are sealed and bind over to the police officer waiting for it. >> reporter: linda richards is a program manager for the sexual assault response team. she is also one of the nurses who performs extensive forensic exams on rape victims in santa clara county. >> it's not unusual to receive a phone call from a patient a week or so after and say you know, what did you find out about the swabs that came from my body. >> richards says the turnaround is about two months which is good considering the backlog in some states can force victims to wait years for the results. figures show in 2010 the state of illinois had processed just 20% of its rape kits. and in one county in michigan more than 11,000 rape kits were discovered untested. some dating back to the
Nov 11, 2012 7:00am PST
mall this weekend. monte francis shows us some of the future that braved the cold to save a few extra bucks. >> reporter: staying warm with a cup of coffee and being bundled up was the name of the game in livermore even though it's cold outside with roads jammed and the parking lot full, shoppers say the new outlet mall is the hot spot this weekend. >> able to bring my husband to the mall. and the kids and, you know, taste some wine and warming up in this cold weather. >> the stores are all heated. that's the nice part too. once you get cold, you run in and buy a new jacket. >> reporter: and some skiers found good deals on winter coats just in time. one ski resort opened in tahoe and you can see on the resort's webcam people lining up eager to get on the slopes. back at the outlet mall, the traffic and crowds appeared to be more of a challenge than the cold. in fact, we found one guy not bundled up at all. >> it doesn't affect me at all with shorts or anything like that. i can walk around in the rain and as long as i'm bundled up top, i'm fine. >> monte francis, "today in the bay." >>
Nov 4, 2012 7:00am PST
involving drugs and sex. as "today in the bay" monte francis reports, voters had a chance to hear from three out of four candidates. the missing candidate has controversial background of her own to overcome. >> reporter: voters packed a coffee house to hear from district two candidates during a forum sponsored by religious leaders. richard is running to finish out the remaining two terms of his term. he says his first priority if elected would be to help preserve st. rose hospital which is on the verge of bankruptcy. >> 20% of the patients who go to st. rose do not have health care insurance. there are very few places where people who without health care insurance can get good quality health care. st. rose has been an exceptional hospitals for over 50 years. >> reporter: union city's mayor says he has the edge in the race because of his long experience and success as a public servant. >> i have actually been in local and regional government for 20 years. when you add up elected experience of my three opponents, that's equal to all three combined. >> reporter: retired after 23 years as deputy
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10